Freedom starts in your feet

What is NILO?

NILO are all of us who make this a reality. We are creating it and you are making it grow and viable. Whether you wear a NILO or if you believe that our way of feeling life identifies you, you are part of this, you are part of the team. Do you join Nilo Team?

More than a brand, a philosophy

NILO is a brand that was born to represent all those people who feel identified with a philosophy of life that has always existed but of which little has been said. We speak of those smiling people, but also serious, when it is necessary to be so. People who seek to be the most modern, both in their way of dressing and their lifestyle, but also, are the most vintage. Above all, we represent those who day after day ask them to be responsible but inside they never forget that they are crazy and dreamers.

We talk about materialized philosophy

Then, the NILOs were born. A summer sandals for people who stand out with their joy and good energy between normal day to day. It is a design never before made consisting of two strips of fabric that are born from the front of the sandal and that "grab" to the foot through some guides placed in the back that act as pins. Thus giving foot to be able to make a multitude of design sandals depending on the way in which the strips are placed and your imagination, as long as the footwear functionality is fulfilled. It is not worth not to tie the strips to the foot, for example. We also support fair trade and, for that reason, we design and create them in Spain, where we are from. Thanks to its unique and exclusive design property, we obtained the concession of protected industrial design by the OEPM.



Ability to make several designs in a single sandal


It is a unique, innovative and original design never before created


We design and create our sandals in Spain

Responsible for the environment

We always try our sandals to support responsible trade with the environment by advocating for materials that add to the environment and not to be left behind. Our fabric strips are made of 100% viscose fabric, giving them a creepy touch softness and freshness for spring and summer days. On the other hand, we made the loops or pins with cotton tape in addition to having our sandals based on jute footwear. We have the most comfortable, cool and versatile sandals on the market.

Nilo is not a sandal. Nilo is the way we walk through life.
¡Feel Nilo!

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